Pipefitter Calculator 
is a  software program that offers the results for many different types of offsets, from the common 90 and 45 degree offsets to complex compound rolling offsets!  The program calculates by the same principles that are used in the field when figuring offsets manually ... but at the touch of a button and without knowledge of complex calculations.  This program makes all men equal, whether you've been pipefitting for 10 months or 10 years!

Pipefitter Calculator
is a program designed to be taken to the field.  It is a program that easily uploads on to your Microsoft Mobile PDA or PDA phone, so it will always be within reach.

Simply enter the known data (pipe size, gap, run, set, etc.) and get immediate calculations for:

» Cut Length
» Degree of Fitting
» Degree of Multiple Fittings
» Minimum Set
» Squaring Measurements
» Takeoff
» Run
» Set
» Travel
» Face-To-Face
» Face-To-Center… and more!

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